DNS Zones

In this page you can search for DNS zones of the network by filling in the corresponding fields. The results are displayed in the follwing table. Furthermore, you cat choose a node for viewing.
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DNS zones found
Zone name Date Status Node name
danmilon.node.her.wn 09/07/2016 Waiting check danmilon (#140)
dzervas.her.wn 04/22/2015 Waiting check dzervas (#154)
gkaklas.her.wn 09/08/2014 Waiting check gkaklas (#150)
jimy.node.her.wn 07/07/2015 Waiting check jimy (#111)
looselyrigorous.her.wn 12/23/2014 Waiting check looselyrigorous (#163)
prinos.her.wn 12/16/2015 Waiting check Prinos (#168)
sque.her.wn 10/20/2013 Active mastaba (#1)
tolabaki.her.wn 10/20/2013 Active toLABaki (#109)